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Boat and kayak hire


We have bought new boats and engines to ensure a safe and best possible boat trip in beautiful surroundings. The boats are located at the floating dock just below the seahouses.

The boats are reserved for our guests only.

Gasoline is not included.

All boats are equipped with chart plotter and safety equipment

Boat driver's license required if born after January 1, 1980

Check out our safety instructions below


   Safety at sea!

Everyone should have personal floatation equipment on board in a boat! It is not enough that it is only included in the boat. With the term float equipment, most of us think of float vest, but float equipment also includes other float garments such as jackets / suits with float elements etc.


Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer AS puts safety before everything and encourages our guests to take safety seriously. On our shores, the weather changes fast and it can only be minutes between storm and still. Therefore, we ask you to listen to us who are familiar with local conditions and respect when asked to leave the boat on the dock if the weather dictates.

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