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The Atlantic Road Cabins is a good place to start with opportunities as a base for several excursions around Møre and Romsdal and for various activities around Averøy.

Here are several suggestions for activities and excursions that can be made during a visit:

- Fishing and deep sea fishing. There is room in the boathouse for processing the catch and also offers the opportunity to go deep sea fishing by boat and known captain.

When you are with us you are in the middle of the dish.

The area has many good fishing spots both from land and from boat.

Chop and cod are the most common fish species to get on the hook, but you can also catch haddock, catfish, mackerel, salmon and more.

- Diving.  Strømsholmen Sjøsportsenter just a few kilometer away there you can sign for a diving lesson or rent diving equipment. Then you can dive in the ocean and observe the paradise of shipwrecks, plants and animals. 

-Mountain hiking. Both on Averøy and around Møre and Romsdal, there are several mountains with varying degrees of difficulty and great views that are worth climbing to experience.

-Kite/wind surfing. A new sea sport that has come is kite.
Farstadstranden, located a few kilometers from the Atlantic Road Cabin, is a favorite place for keen kiters.
Windsurfing is also an activity that is suitable to engage in this area.
The sea breeze is often not far away.

-Birds and wild animals. Our area is characterized by a very varied and rich flora which makes it attractive for birds and animals.
Here you can see seals, sea eagles, many types of seabird, moose and deer.
Now there is also observed lynx at Averøy.
Averøy is called a miniature Norway and has both high mountains, fjords, sea, marsh, fresh water, deciduous and coniferous forest.
Therefore, the species diversity is large.

- Barbecue at campfire. The Atlantic Road Cabins have great opportunities to enjoy the evening around a campfire and make new friends.

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